Thursday, September 14, 2017

New Blog and awesome stuff!

Room 6 have a new blog full of amazing things we have been doing including Popcorn Masterchef in Term 3!
Check it out:

Monday, April 3, 2017

An enviroschools play

One of our reading groups the Pukeko readers have taken their reading to the next step by creating a play about what they have read. The Pukekos read an article about an enviroschool and as Paroa are just embarking on their journey as an enviroschool these bunch of rad readers used their knowledge to write and present a play to the class. Ka pai to mahi, Ngā Pukeko, you guys are indeed showing yourselves well on the way to being Ruma ono, Rad Readers by using your reading to generate new understandings, and you showed some tumeke team work while you were at it!

The video link is below, it is quite quiet so you may have to turn your speakers up.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


We have some fabulous ngā Tuakana in this class! Over the past two weeks our class have been working with their Teina in Room 3 to build a suspension bridge out of popsicle sticks. The goal is for all them to work together as a team to achieve this task. There have been some fantastic results and some great aroha shown towards each other.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Writing our Games Instructions

We have been writing instructions for games with the Ruma ono hacky sacks. We started by creating a ruma ono game sensation called 'Think Fast', where we learnt that for writing instructions for games we need:
The title of our game
The goal of the game
The equipment required
Then how to play the game.
Below a link to a video of how we co-constructed our games. Our games need only a few rules simple easy to follow rules.
We then all went away and wrote our own games, which we taught to a teina class Room 3.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Week 10 Update.

Kia Ora All,

The final week is upon us. Here is the heads up for what to expect.

  • The BTB points auction will be this Wednesday. Donations are needed for the students to bid on. The more donations, the more fun the students have spending their BTB points.
  • Monday at 6.00pm there is a community consultation about the school wide Civil Defence action plan.
  • Wednesday is the junior and senior discos.
  • Friday is a half day. We will be doing nothing of importance if you get my meaning... 
Thanks for the awesome year. I've thoroughly enjoyed this bunch of kids and appreciated your support as parents. I hope everyone has an excellent and much deserved holiday break!

Rock On,

Mr M

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Week 9 Update

Kia Ora All,

Welcome to the penultimate update of the year. Well done to those last week who engaged in some of the home learning ideas I suggested.

  • The Christmas Concert of Uncontrollable Ballisticness is upon us. This Thursday the mighty Ruma Ono will unleash its performance on an unsuspecting (and probably confused) crowd. Please check with you child to make sure they have a costume sorted. We'll probably be rehearsing every day this week. 
  • Last week we wrote a weekend recount (not a genre I often use, but the students put in a solid effort.) You could read through your child's writing with them and offer some feedback. The features of a recount are: the events are in order, in the past tense, paragraphed with a new paragraph for every new event, and it has some kind of personality or interesting vibe achieved through their choice of language. 
  • Other than that, the home learning suggestions from last week still stand. 
Rock On,

Mr M

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 8

Kia Ora All,

Week 8 is upon us! This week I'm trying to get some things finished: inquiry, strand maths, concert etc. Here is a general rundown of what we're up to and some home learning ideas. Doing all these things is not realistic, but you could choose 1 - 2 things from the list to complete with your child over the week.

  • Maths - we're measuring length and area over the next 2 or so weeks. We'll also be mapping and graphing what we measure. You could measure the rooms in your house and use Google draw to make a scale map. Alternatively, students could draw a scale map of their bedrooms.
  • Maths Buddy Action Plan. 
  • Writing / reading - we'll be focussing on narrative structure, theme, character development and setting over the coming weeks. You could sit down and write a story with your child for home learning if you like. 
  • Alternatively, you could read a short story and discuss what the problem in the story was and what the solution to that problem was. Or you could list the things that you know about the main character. 
  • As you're no doubt aware, students have a spelling list which they test and compile weekly. Spelling is always a classic home learning task.
  • Inquiry - students are up to the point where they've come up with their own questions to research. This part of inquiry is always messy and helping your child research as part of home learning is recommended.
Rock On,
Mr M