Saturday, December 3, 2016

Week 9 Update

Kia Ora All,

Welcome to the penultimate update of the year. Well done to those last week who engaged in some of the home learning ideas I suggested.

  • The Christmas Concert of Uncontrollable Ballisticness is upon us. This Thursday the mighty Ruma Ono will unleash its performance on an unsuspecting (and probably confused) crowd. Please check with you child to make sure they have a costume sorted. We'll probably be rehearsing every day this week. 
  • Last week we wrote a weekend recount (not a genre I often use, but the students put in a solid effort.) You could read through your child's writing with them and offer some feedback. The features of a recount are: the events are in order, in the past tense, paragraphed with a new paragraph for every new event, and it has some kind of personality or interesting vibe achieved through their choice of language. 
  • Other than that, the home learning suggestions from last week still stand. 
Rock On,

Mr M

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