Sunday, November 27, 2016

Inquiry Week 8

We have only 3 weeks of inquiry to go. Over the next two weeks we'll be researching our questions.

Step 1 - if you didn't get this finished last week, do it!

WALT: Think of questions related to our Flower Power inquiry to research.

Come up with 10 things you’d like to find out. Include a selection of open and closed questions that you can find information on.

Closed question = a question that can be answered by a quick google search and a few short sentences.
Open questions = a question that requires a longer answer and you need to actually think about to answer.

Closed question examples:
  • How many different species of plants are there?
  • What is the biggest plant?
  • What is the smallest plant?
  • Can a plant grow in Antarctica?

Open question examples:
  • How do I grow really big plants?
  • How do plants survive in extreme environments?
  • How are plants affected by bugs or other animals?
  • What causes a seed to germinate?

Step 2
1 - Identify the questions that most interest you. Write them into this KWHL chart.
2 - Identify some resources. You should have at least 3 resources. One resource should be a book. Check out the class bookshelf for National Library books.
3 - Begin to answer your questions.

Good luck,
Mr M

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